We are EU citizens with voting rights, working for a better Europe, from the inside and outside of public institutions. Our objective is to reduce divisions, fragmentation and duplication of costs, and increase efficiency of the civil service. We believe that flexible work contracts (multiple short term contracts to answer to service needs) can be a real asset only in the presence of a flexible and transparent inter-institutional job market, where internal circular economy is run before external recruitments.

All staff categories created before and after 2004 are welcome, as well as staff categories who were excluded from this labour market due to insufficiently advanced regulation, willing to re-join, feeling that their professional experience could be relevant for the future of civil service. CAs, TAs, F, ENDs, interim agents, trainees, students, and independent donors are welcome to become a member and contribute to our efforts.

Mission. Culture. Charity


Since 2015, our mission is to develop solutions for the challenges faced by the civil service, through collaborative work, growing our policy resources. We permanently employ and enhance fundamental competencies in our international work, such as analysing and problem solving, working with others, planning, prioritisation, communication, leadership, resilience, learning and development etc. We believe that our work for more transparency and efficiency of public institutions will generate a leap in the evolution of civil service, bringing more benefits to citizens, more satisfaction to the tax payers, more return on European investment.

Culture and Charity

In addition to our main mission focused on public institutions, our work includes charitable, cultural and sport activities, all contributing to a healthy society. We engage in volunteer work and citizens’ initiatives, actively contributing to a better Europe. We practice empathy, solidarity, and respect in an inter-cultural environment, working collaboratively. The core of our values is made of Human2Human (H2H) assertive principles and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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If you wish to join the NPS, please send a message to express your intention. Once our bank account will be available, you will fill in the official form and send your first Eur 88 annual payment.

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Members and external donors can support our activities, at any moment in time. All charitable activities, events and projects will be made public, on this official NPS website.

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